How To Book

How To Book An AkiCity Vacation Rental?

Booking an AkiCity vacation rental is quick and easy and our team is ready to help you in every step of the wayding your dream property.

Select Your Rental

Use our search engine to find the right vacation rental for you. Alternatively, require our assistance and we will send you personalized suggestions according to what you’re looking for. Just tell us the dates, number of guests, and preferred location. Once you select a property, proceed with the reservation.

Make a Reservation

To secure your reservation, all you have to do is to pay 20% of the rental (via Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer) and send us proof of payment. Once payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you with the check-in details. The remaining payment must be made in cash at check-in (with the Security Deposit, to be returned at check-out).

Enjoy Your Stay!

Our team is available 24/7 so feel free to contact us if you have any questions before or during the stay. Once the check-in day arrives, have with you the information we sent you by email. Now, check-in and enjoy your stay at your selected AkiSol vacation rental. Don’t forget to tell us how you enjoyed your stay by writing a review.

Looking for a vacation rental?

Fill in the form below with more information about what you are looking for and we will contact you shortly with personalized suggestions.


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